Spier Wine Farm is because of their holistic approach and taste one of our favorites and one of the closest to Cape Town. The popular wine picknick is often part of our self drive itineraries.  


The roots of the house Spier go back to the early years of the colony on the Cape, in 1692. In that year the original farm in Stellenbosch was founded by the German colonist Arnout Janz. He was also the one who realized that the soil was well suited for wine-growing, and planted the first vines. The first grapes were pressed, and the old cellar, built in 1767, is one of the Cape's oldest wine buildings, and is still the proud property of the estate.

African Travels 1500 wine tasting south
African Travels 1500 wine tasting south


But a lot has changed since the very beginning. Today, Spier is one of South Africa's most innovative wine companies, with a cellar that has been completely modernized and expanded in recent years to fulfill the great ambitions here. And in the same light, we must see the expansion of the vineyard acreage by 100 hectares to a total of 400 hectares, with production increasing by 100,000 boxes, more than a million bottles. In order to realize the total production, grapes are also bought from other producers, but everything under the full control of Spier's large team of experienced and talented winemakers, led by the chef winemaker, Frans Smit. The winemakers have learned and interned all over the world, in order to be able to make high quality wines with their experiences.


Of course history has not been forgotten, and Spier still makes wines that are an expression of its own identity, wines of the highest quality. Frans Smit wants to make wines with depth, but also with an emphasis on the fruit. By making different series, the different types of wine lovers can enjoy the wines of this company. The wines under the label "Discovery" and "Colors" are for the wine drinkers who like to drink a smooth wine, with a lot of emphasis on the fruit. The wines in the Private Collection especially emphasize the terroir. Millions have been invested in the winery in recent years to bring it out and fully adapt it to the demands of modern wine making. In the air-conditioned cellars there are 4500 barrels for the aging of the wines.

In addition, a special visitor center has been built, where the wines can be tasted and bought, where a meal or a picnic can be enjoyed. And the whole is also equipped with a golf course and a four-star hotel. A special project from a special company. 

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