South African False Bay Wine Set

South African False Bay Wine Set


Set of 2 very nice False Bay wines. False Bay's wines are made by the female winemaker Nadia Bernards, Waterkloof Wines' super talented winemaker. Yet the wines have been around longer than the famous Waterkloof. In 1994, Paul Boutinot started a series of wines under the name False Bay to sell affordable quality wines.


  1. False Bay Slow Chenin Blanc 2019 - white wine
    Ripe taste of stone fruit and lime. Lots of structure and length. False Bay wines are fermented with natural yeasts. The grapes come from carefully selected, mainly biologically working winegrowers. The wines are made on the Estate Waterkloof.
  2. False Bay Old School Syrah 2019 - red wine
    This Shiraz has a wonderfully rustic aroma and has a fruity taste. Subtle wine with nice balance, flavors of cassis and herbs. Concentrated taste of fruits and herbs without being overdone. Short description Juicy Syrah, not too strong with a nice spicy taste.

    Can be ordered as a gift.