Armilla Blanc de Blanc 2013 Sparking

Armilla Blanc de Blanc 2013 Sparking

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Armilla Blanc de Blanc is arguably one of the finest sparkling wines we have ever tasted in South Africa. The Avondale winery, which is located in the Paarl, only makes biodynamic wines. This is a sparkling wine that can compete with many expensive champagnes.

Biodynamic farming is one of the best ways to make wine. Every wine we've tasted has been of exceptional quality! This is no different with the beautiful Vonkelwyn van Avondale. The wine is made from 100% Chardonnay and has matured for 7 years on the lie. De Vonkelwyn is complex and elegant at the same time. There are hazelnuts, quince and green apple to discover.


Avondale is one of the oldest wineries in Paarl. Winemaker Jonathan Grieve makes wines using the natural eco-systems.

At Avondale, sustainable and natural viticulture is carried out in accordance with the Terra Est Vita philosophy - 'Soil is Life'. For the land and business to thrive, every aspect of the living system must also thrive. In all actions taken, one adheres to the key principle of life - to constantly create conditions conducive to more life.

There is an ever-expanding network that, like Avondale, ensures both sustainability and quality. Avondale inspires by producing top quality, organically made wines, providing ultimate consumers with an extraordinary experience approved by Mother Nature.

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  • Region

    Paarl, South Africa

  • Alcohol percentage

    11.5 %

  • Wine type

    Sparkling wine

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  • Taste

    The sparkling wine is light yellow. On the nose delicious fruit (citrus, yellow), brioche bread and yeasty aromas. In the mouth a beautiful fine mousse, delicious juice and fruit with beautiful, mild acidity and a long, mineral finish. 

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